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Begnas Lake

7 Lakes in Lekhnath

7 Lakes in Lekhnath

There are 7 Lakes in Lekhnath so its called the garden city of 7 lakes. Look at the 7 lakes found in Lekhnath Municipality.

1. Begnas Lake

Begnas IMG_6511 Begnas IMG_1728 Begnas IMG_1644 Begnas IMG_1642 Begnas IMG_1641 Begnas IMG_1470 Begnas Back_9144 Begnas _MG_5240

2. Rupa Lake

Rupa Lake IMG_6277

3. Maidi Lake


4. Dipang Lake


5. Khaste Lake

Khaste_MG_5171 (2) Khaste_MG_5171 (1)

6. Niureni Lake

Niureni Lake Neureni NeureniIMG_8848 Neureni (2)

7 Gunde Lake

Gunde IMG_8840 Gunde Picnic IMG_8837


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