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How to make Nepali Sukuti?


This article is about How to make Nepali Sukuti. Sukuti is dried in sun or on charcoal smoke fire. Ingredients Meat loaf – 2 lbs Cumin powder Coriander powder Chili powder Turmeric powder Garlic and ginger paste Salt, pepper, Oil – Very less Method Cut the meat carefully into long thin strips Remove all the fat one by one Put the …

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National Symbols of Nepal


National Symbols of Nepal in New Constitution 2072 Given below are listed National Symbols of Nepal according to New Constitution of Nepal 2072. National Flag National Flag of Nepal has been discussed in 8th point of Part 1 of New Constitution 2072. This constitution has accepted the old flag which is the only triangular flag in the world. The flag …

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World Environment Day 2015


World Environment Day 2015 is observed on June 5 every year. Host country for 2015 WED 2015 is being globally hosted by Italy, a country at the forefront of global action towards improved global nutrition and resource use. How can we save Environment we live in? 1. Eat Vegetarian once a week. Read here 2. Fly with an E-ticket. Buy your tickets …

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A trip to Gorkha for relief to the people.

Gorkha Trip 2015 (70)

A trip to Gorkha for relief to the people. Gyarchowk, Palungtaar and Arbang from Pokhara Airport Gorkha is a district which is remote area, I have had never been to that place and I saw its really remote area towards the east from Pokhara, made up of stone-mud houses grouping in the high hills. As the epicenter of the Earthquake …

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How the Nepal Earthquake Happened


Experts explain the science behind Saturday’s deadly earthquake A little before noon Saturday in Nepal, a chunk of rock about 9 miles below the earth’s surface shifted, unleashing a shock wave—described as being as powerful as the explosion of more than 20 thermonuclear weapons—that ripped through the Katmandu Valley. In geological terms, the tremor occurred like clockwork, 81 years after …

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Fagu Purnima- the festival of colors


  The festival of colors and joy is here at the door of every Nepalese. Fagu Purnima also named as Holi festival is one of the most fun festival is celebrated with different vibrant colors and water in Nepal and in India. Holi is celebrated to exchange brotherhood and to celebrate with families and friends. It falls in the month …

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Taoism Promotion in Lekhnath

Taoism 6 Dec (28)

Tao has been promoted to different parts of Nepal. Similarly, it has been promoted to Pokhara and Lekhnath and other places around. Today, different Gurus from Tao were present for a basic introduction and Tika programme in Lekhnath. Tao has taken different followers to Thailand and other different places for different seminars and classes to learn about Taoism. Some photographs have …

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Express Entry System in Canada- how to apply?

express entry

Express Entry system has been awaiting Nepalese skilled manpowered having experience in different occupations. Click here for applying for job. Know what is Express entry below. Express Entry Get Excited for Express Entry Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently announced that Canada’s long awaited expression of interest program will be opening in January 2015. The new program, “Express Entry,” is …

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Points to remember while building a house

construction of house

Who doesn’t like to have our own house, apartments, buildings, residence? Its paradise. Of course, everyone dream to have own paradise. Some of us have jobs and work under others while some make others to work for us. Some are involved locally/nationally while some are involved internationally working abroad. Different occupations we are involved into. Some of us are doctors, …

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Take care of your Health yourselves


Ebola has been the serious disease now. It has been migrating from nation to nation. According to CDC, it has been diagnosed in Texas, U.S. which is a developed country and has lots of health facilities. So the public health officials are actively tracing everyone who’s been in close contact with the man since he started developing symptoms and became contagious. We …

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